Posted by: geonarcissa | July 18, 2010

Maritime Road Trip – Day 2

We had a lot of ground to cover on our second day, as we were hoping to make it to Saint John, NB. We enjoyed the highway scenery in Quebec, including many interesting mountains like this one.


We chose a scenic route that took us through many small towns. We made a few stops for geocaching and sightseeing. I spotted this weathered statue in a cemetery in St.-Alexandre-de-Kamouraska.


We crossed into New Brunswick in the afternoon.


I haven’t mentioned how darn HOT we were for the first day and a half of our trip. Finally, in New Brunswick, the evil heat broke. I wasn’t at all bothered to see this out the windows of the car.


The rain was short-lived. Our first stop in New Brunswick was at Grand Falls, where we gathered information for an Earthcache.


Our next stop was at Hartland, NB. We didn’t do any geocaching here, but we looked at their impressive covered bridge – the longest in the world – and bought supper (a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter).



We arrived in Fredericton at night fall, and stopped to get gas and take a quick look at their legislature building. We wanted to hurry on to Saint John before it got really late, so we just took a quick picture at the legislature and moved on. Fredericton seems pleasant, and I’d like to visit it again.


As we approached Saint John, fog settled in. We found a motel to stay in for the night and got to bed shortly after midnight – after two days of travel we we already pretty exhausted!



  1. If you are looking for a good meal, York’s Dining Room in Perth-Andover NB.

    The mountains in Quebec are part of the Monteregian Hills
    I have wanted to do an earthcache for it, but I don’t drive to get out there and do some more research on them.


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