Posted by: geonarcissa | July 19, 2010

Maritime Road Trip – Day 3

Saint John was very foggy and kind of smelly, but we still enjoyed some sightseeing before moving on toward Nova Scotia. We were particularly excited about getting a webcam cache.

The Reversing Falls are a big tourist attraction in Saint John. Because of the Bay of Fundy’s high tides, the river actually changes direction over the course of the day.

Wee cacher enjoys being a ham for the camera. Here he’s pretending to take a picture of me while I’m taking a picture of him.


We were there at slack tide, so there almost weren’t any falls at all! I’d like to visit again and see this at high and low tide. The falls are an Earthcache.


Downtown Saint John is pretty.


Saint John also has a virtual cache, at the grave of one of Canada’s “Fathers of Confederation.”


We chose to take one of New Brunswick’s scenic routes on our way to Nova Scotia, which took us along the Bay of Fundy coast. The fog was a bit of a downer because it prevented us from seeing very far, but we enjoyed the drive nonetheless.

You can see how high the tide rises on this dock.


Eerie fog. We DNFed on a cache here, but it was still a nice place to stop.


Lobster traps!


Someone’s forgotten hoodie at a beach.


These colourful boats were a cheerful sight.


Once we drove away from the coast, the fog lifted and it was suddenly a beautiful day!


Finally, we arrived in our destination province. Please excuse the quality of this photo taken from the window of a moving car. 🙂


You know you’re in the Maritimes when…


Buttercup, my little geodog, was pleased to reach the campsite and get out of the car for the night.


After setting up camp, we went for supper with some local friends. I had seafood chowder and it was delicious. Then we got to sleep in preparation for a busy Day 4 – the Maritime Geobash, Canada’s First Geocache, and much more!



  1. Loks like a cool place…. I guess if you want to go anywhere though you’ve got to get you boat out at high tide though? 😉

  2. oh my lord, a McLobster? I want one! 🙂

    I’d love to see much more of Canada one day – have only visited BC and Alberta so far – until I can do so, I am really enjoying remote visits via your blog


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