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Maritime Road Trip – Day 5

On the fifth day of our trip, we got to visit downtown Halifax. First, we stopped at Province House, the legislature building for Nova Scotia. There’s a virtual cache here, close to this statue of Joseph Howe.


As I took pictures and Taoiseach read plaques, wee cacher snuck inside the front door of the legislature. I called him back, and a commissionaire came out and told us that the building was open to the public. Being the history and politics nerds we are, there was no way we could pass up a free tour of a legislature building!


Here’s the little guy inside Province House.


The interior of the building is gorgeous. I have a weakness for ornate plaster work.


Taoiseach and I were jealous of the little library.


After our tour, we walked toward the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. I was struck by this art-deco building, which was the tallest building in Halifax when it was first built.


The museum was fantastic. I particularly enjoyed their exhibit of wooden objects from the Titanic, including this deck chair.


We ran into Garmin Gal, Tanglebones, Geo Cat!, and dblohsix at the museum, which was nice because we missed them at the event the day before (we honked and waved as we passed them on the road). Unfortunately, we had to pass up their dinner invitation because we needed to get up to Pugwash to set up camp.

We had two more stops to make in Halifax. First? Webcam! We called Binrat and Geogranny at home in Brockville to get the picture taken.

We couldn’t leave Halifax without getting one of their famous donairs. Living in the shawarma heartland, we’d heard a lot of Haligonians preach about the goodness of a real Halifax donair. I have to admit – they’re delicious!

The drive to Pugwash was kind of dicey, due to fog and rain. We were quite enchanted when we arrive at our campground – it’s right on the ocean. We set up our tent close to the play structure, which worked out well – the little guy was able to play within sight, but without me hovering. I think he needed a bit of space, especially after so much time in the car!


The cold drizzle got heavier just after we got the tent set up, so we moved a picnic table into the screen room and cooked up some tuna and noodles for supper. The warm food was a nice foil for the cold rain, and we soon retired to our sleeping bags.



  1. Thats the Dal webcam!!! I called Binrat when I did it too!!!

    And the donairs are great!!! where did you go??


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