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Maritime Road Trip – Day 6

We had faced rain and fog almost constantly since arriving in Nova Scotia, so it was wonderful to wake up in Pugwash with a clear view of the Northumberland Strait from our tent, with Prince Edward Island on the horizon. Day 6 was our designated no-travel day, so we slept in and then went for a swim in the ocean.


The campground had a wonderful, rickety set of stairs down to their beach.


It was close to high tide, so there wasn’t much beach for us to walk on, but we enjoyed swimming and climbing on the rocks.


In the afternoon, we went into the town of Pugwash to do some geocaching. Taoiseach – an avid Celtic historian – was thrilled to see their bilingual street signs – English and Gaelic!


Most small towns in Canada have a war memorial, and Pugwash is no exception. We found a geocache close to this spot.


Pugwash was the setting of a peace conference in 1957 that gave rise to the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs.


There’s a salt mine in Pugwash that is also an Earthcache.


There were several small cemeteries around Pugwash, and most of them had geocaches. I liked this monument against the sky.


Taoiseach was approaching his 1800th geocache, so we arranged to do a multi-cache for his milestone. But it was gone! So we regrouped and used free wireless internet at the community centre to do a mystery cache that taught us about the Pugwash Conference. Here’s Taoiseach signing the log.


We took advantage of the low tide to walk along the shore and pick up sea glass and shells.


When we got back to the campsite, we let the little guy play on the playground equipment while we sat in our comfy chairs. I read, and gazed at the ocean. I noticed something on the horizon and realized it was the Confederation Bridge!

bridge on the horizon

Here’s a detail from the photo above.

bridge on the horizon - detail

The bridge was even more apparent as the sun set.

bridge on the horizon at sunset

Watching the sun set over the Northumberland Strait is a pretty rare opportunity for this Ontario-dweller, so I got out my telephoto lens and my tripod and took a ton of pictures. I got Taoiseach to help me with this self-portrait.

happy at sunset

As darkness fell, the Confederation Bridge became very obvious on the horizon because of the traffic lights and lights from cars.


We spent the rest of the evening relaxing with beer and books.



  1. Do you sell prints of your pictures? I would be interested in buying a print of your Happy At Sunset picture. Thanks.


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