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Maritime Road Trip – Day 7

After our day of rest in Pugwash, it was time to move on. Our goal for the day was to get geocaches in three provinces – Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick. We ticked Nova Scotia off the list first thing, finding a cache on our way out of Pugwash. Here’s another view of the salt mine.


We took a scenic route to get to the Confederation Bridge. I found this vista irresistible.


When we arrived at the Confederation Bridge, we opted to leave our car at the visitor centre and take a shuttle over the bridge. It costs more than $40 to take a car over the bridge, but the shuttle is only $4 a person. You only have to pay to cross the bridge when you leave the island.

When I visited Prince Edward Island as a kid, we had to take a ferry. The bridge is quite a sight.


In this picture, you can see the Prince Edward Island red clay along the shore.


We only had an hour or two to spend at P.E.I., so we tried to make the most of the experience. First, we had a bit to eat. I had a lobster roll, and Taoiseach enjoyed some fried scallops. There was a geocache across the street from the restaurant, which we found quickly. Two provinces checked off!


The spirit of Anne is unavoidable once you step onto the island.




We found one more geocache on P.E.I. – a big skirt lifter.


After grabbing some souvenirs, it was time to get back on the shuttle and move on. Here’s another view of the Confederation Bridge.


After we got back to the car, we made tracks to Shediac, New Brunswick, where we quickly set up camp and then went to visit some geocaching friends. They have a geocache right in their yard, so it was easy to nab a geocache in our third province of the day.



  1. Sounds like you’re having a blast!

    While you’re in our area, dont forget to sign into the Maritime Geocaching Associations website, we should be able to point you at some fun caches 🙂



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