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Maritime Road Trip – Day 8

I feel like I’m so behind on everything! Blog, housework, geocaching, life… but that’s because I’m having a nice summer, so I shouldn’t complain.

We had a lot of driving to do on Day 8 – we wanted to get from Shediac to Shippagan.

On our way out of Shediac, we spotted this bumper sticker in a Tim Horton’s drive-thru. I thought it made a classy addition to a business vehicle.


We visited “Ma & Pa” for a while before heading northward.

I found this cemetery compelling because of the interesting grave markers, and there was a cache hidden near it (placed by “Ma & Pa”) .

Since seeing these metal grave markers all over New Brunswick, I’ve spotted some similar ones in French-Canadian cemeteries just east of Ottawa.



There were several of these metal grave markers painted pink.



The cache was hidden near this monument.


At Ma & Pa’s suggestion, we stopped to see the incredible sand dunes at Bouctouche. It was rainy, so we didn’t go very far down the boardwalk, but we were able to visit the interpretive centre to complete the requirements for the Earthcache there. The sand dunes stretch out parallel to the shore for more than 11km.

Taoiseach snapped this picture of me and the little guy, mid-tickle.


Despite the rain, we were having a nice drive. We chose to drive on New Brunswick’s scenic “Acadian Shore” route, instead of the main highway. It took longer, but it was beautiful. And there were Acadian flags everywhere!

We just had to stop when we saw that there was a cache hidden at Acadia’s largest flag.



There was another interesting cemetery across the road from the giant flag. The stones looked marble from far away, but they’re actually painted white, with the engravings painted black.



We drove through Kouchibougouac National Park on our trek up the coast. It was quite lovely and I’d like to explore it further some day.


We came across a baby black bear while were in Kouchibouguac. Some jerk in a flashy Acura was feeding it junk food. I guess nobody told him that baby bears usually aren’t very far from mama bears.


We stopped to refuel the car and our bodies near Miramichi. I took pictures of a pretty church.


And pictures of a pretty bridge.


From several angles.


Pretty sky AND pretty bridge. šŸ˜€


We still had quite a bit of distance to cover in order to reach our chosen destination, so we didn’t do much stopping between Miramichi and Shippagan. After several nights of camping and a lot of driving, it was a treat to spend the night in a nice little motel by the shore, just outside of Shippagan.

Just two days left to post about.

And then a huge backlog of other geocaching stuff to post.



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