Posted by: geonarcissa | August 19, 2010

News Catch-Up

I’m feeling like a bad blogger! I managed to carve some time out of my evening to pick out a few interesting news items.

Can you find your city on a map (without using Google)? This little piece about geography knowledge made me snicker. In the same vein is this editorial musing about the lost art of giving directions.

One of the major emerging uses of GPS technology is monitoring suspected and convicted criminals. This article considers the potential for GPS technology to decrease the need for prisons.

Facebook’s new GPS location application, “Facebook Places,” is raising privacy concerns.

Being no stranger to bizarre Ayn Rand fanatics, I had to roll my eyes twice when I read this article about a guy who used GPS tracking to “write” a message across the United States. The message? “Read Ayn Rand.” Maybe when I drive across Canada in a couple of weeks, I can append it with “Don’t.”

Ever wish you could have a GPS embedded in your brain? We’re not there yet, but you might soon be able to get GPS-enabled glasses.



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