Posted by: geonarcissa | August 22, 2010

Is there a tracking device in your laundry detergent?

A detergent company in Brazil recently launched a contest that involves GPS tracking devices placed in boxes of detergent. When someone buys one of the 50 winning boxes of detergent, the company tracks them down using GPS and gives them a prize. I haven’t yet decided whether this is more cool than creepy.

And in other silly news…

So, imagine you’re just a muggle enjoying a stroll in Timmins, Ontario, and you find a suspicious object that looks like a pipe bomb. What is an honest, concerned citizen to do? Call the police? Sure. Pick up the potential bomb, place it in your car, and drive it to the police station? Does anybody see a potential problem with that course of action?



  1. the soap thing is kind of weird… the person PICKING up what they thought could be a bomb… wow. lol


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