Posted by: geonarcissa | September 27, 2010

Wawa, Ontario

Wawa, ON is probably best known to highway travellers for its big goose statue – Wawa means “wild goose” in Ojibway. The goose is conveniently situated next to an attractive visitor centre and a geocache. The goose is made out of steel from the Algoma Steel company.

Wawa Goose

While we were at the Wawa visitor centre, we met a different bird. Jasper wasn’t nearly as big, but he was a little friendlier.

Jasper the Cockatoo with Geonarcissa

Jasper really took to Taoiseach and didn’t want to go to anybody else. Cute. 🙂 Says Taoiseach enigmatically, “Birds like me.”

Taoiseach and Jasper the Cockatoo



  1. the live bird is pretty cool!! were they having some kind of event there or was someone just traveling through with a bird?

  2. This guy was just travelling with his bird. I went up and asked if I could take pictures and then ended up chatting with him for quite a while. The bird is very social.


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