Posted by: geonarcissa | December 9, 2010

Good news for geocaching!

I’ve been kind of a grump about geocaching for a few weeks, but today TWO nice things have caught my attention.

1. Check out Groundspeak’s official blog to read about a woman who successfully convinced a national park to allow physical geocaches! This is a real victory for us.

2. Groundspeak is going to implement a cache rating system… and it probably won’t suck! Geocachers will be allowed to designate a percentage of their cache finds as “favourites,” and other geocachers will be able to see how many people have designated a given cache as a favourite. The timing of this feature is interesting, given the launch of this week.



  1. The rating system sounds interesting. It would be great if you’re traveling somewhere, that way you could get “the god ones” šŸ˜‰


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